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Loreta and her team were so helpful and provided prompt service. The stool we ordered was beautiful which was a gift for my dad - he loved it! We also got it engraved, which gave it such an elegant finish. Thank you so much WildGood! 

Candice from Eastland, US

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This brush is gorgeous and wonderful for taming thick hair. Thank you!

Ana from Woollahra, Australia

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Love this comb! Works just as well as my wider toothed plastic comb that I am replacing. Thank you!

Jennifer from Syracuse, US

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Love it! I was a little disappointed when this first arrived because its smaller than I hoped it would be but in using the brush I was thrilled with the way that it worked and the way is fits in my hand. It is beautifully made and made to last... :)

Jessica from Albuquerque, US

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Well made, lovely, functional brush, artistically presented; pleasure to use. Well worth the purchase.

Dana from US

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What a wonderful brush! I chose to buy this after an extensive internet search for boar bristle brushes. It's one of very few all-wooden, all-boar bristle brushes that I found. I didn't want a brush with plastic cushioning, or synthetic bristles. I have long, extremely thick hair, and this brush gets through it easily. It makes my hair very smooth and soft.  
The wood also feels wonderful, and the brush is beautiful. It shipped very quickly, especially considering the distance it traveled to get to me. I received great customer service from this company. Really happy with this purchase!

Nicole from Ithaca, US

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