Spring cleaning – the perfect time to start decluttering for real



Where are you running, my friend? That would be the question every psychologist might ask every one of us. Living in the city jungle or a small village jungle - we see ourselves running places for some or any reason, faster or slower, every day or time to time. No pressure, no judgment, it just happens.

Do you know the feeling when you have finished reorganizing the closet? The day you have finally done it, and everything is clean, you have created an easy-to-breathe environment. Thoughts also become cleaner, and the living becomes easier. This is how you get a beautiful state of mind to energize yourself in spring, don’t you?

We have some step-by-step ideas how to make more of this feeling every day. It is easy!  There is not one truth, the point is (since there are many aspects of decluttering in our everyday life) to create a collection of ideas. If you relate to and use one - good, you are on your way already! That’s it - no judgment, no rush. Here we have our list of ideas to think about, maybe just one or some touches your life as well, but maybe none:

-          It is good to stop in your life as often as possible, and the moment you have stopped to take a look, sharp and bright, at every aspect of your lifestyle. An easy thought and a calm “I am here and now. Do I need this thing in my hands? Is it a tool for my personal and professional improvement? Does it help to relax? Does it entertain me meaningfully?” No matter who you are and what is important to you, do things around you improve your performance and your wellbeing for real? No one, but you, will answer why you are doing this? Why rushing yourself to shop for that? Feel free to use your imagination to answer before you dive in asking what I should keep or not?  #forreal

-          It becomes easy if you start doing this day by day. Taking your time, one corner after another, shelf by shelf a day.

-          When you are heading somewhere in any transport unit, it is a daily chance to ponder also in the long term. You can consider walking to be the workout of your day since 30 minutes of a brisk walk counts as a cardio, and it is a way you can save money and also reduce environmental footprint you make by using a gym. So, you save even more if you were used to driving to a gym.

Maybe it is worth to consider the distance to work as an important aspect of choosing a working place if you are applying for a new job. Just imagine starting your day seeing the nature change between the seasons! In spring, you can catch the moment of bloom - #leafmoment - the moment the bud opens and trees become green for the very first day.

-          Repairing things might be a less-stress solution. A lot of different situations to think about, from small electronics to house renovation. In Sweden, they have reduced taxes for repair services - to make it more interesting to keep up with both providers and users of these services.

-          Cooking and using local products is cheaper in the matter of money now and in years (for health care). Cooking at home also can be a family activity for the daily quality time. You will eat better if it takes some time to prepare the meal. It takes a lot of time to cook French fries at home, but a  salad is way easier to make. Everyday food can be a medicine, or it can be a poison. We know about food qualities more than ever these days, a wide seasonal diversity is available. You have a huge choice of foods to nourish the body.

-          Wardrobe cleaning is way easier if you know a person or an organization to whom you can give the things you have not been wearing for a year or more. Maybe they will save someone from being cold or naked. Think about other persons, who need these clothes more than the trash. And remember that good feeling of an easy-to-breathe moment when a job is consciously and firmly done.  Concept of capsule wardrobe is another idea worth exploring.

-          Entertainment in nature! Full of lower impact activities. Many of them are for free, just ride your bicycle, walk the trails, go camping. Real relaxation can happen in nature surrounded environment. Nature can give a lot more than we expect. The only thing to do - take it sustainable way. Anyway, we just need to go and enjoy our beloved nature. We must remember how to enjoy the forest, a lake, the sea, the ocean and even a park. Finding a guide for the first time may be a key. Every human feels good in nature since this is where we came from. Nature still surrounds us, even in the city. We can bring more natural things inside. As well choosing wooden furniture over laminated might be a way to declutter in the long term.

-          Sleeping cycle improvement - returning to the natural state of your being can be done in a lot of ways. Planning of the day is also a considerable tool for a good rest at night. Whatever you do, think about switching off the devices 2 hours before and after sleep, having a bath before bed, having a morning meditation session, etc. It is the consciousness of these choices that brings you to switching off your brain of daily life to have a good night sleep. Self-awareness is easy to maintain if sleep good = feel good every day.

-          Aware choice of people, who inspires you every day, is critical to the way of simplifying your life. Since it does begin with a state of mind, not the number of clothes or the size of your car. The more harmony you gain (nowadays - less unusable information you absorb), the fewer things you need to feel good. Books, blogs, social media feeds, neighbor chats and advice can be let in or left outside of your body and mind. You can always choose only the information you actually need to let in. Screen gaps must be narrowed to keep you clean.  

You do not have to be crazy to be good. Just set yourself free and be here to be wild.

We are all on the journey to feel better every day.

Do you have any ideas to add? Highly appreciated!

When you start your spring or anytime cleaning – enjoy decluttering for real, use your bottles of shampoo and conditioner untill the end. And maybe then it is time to get a new hairbrush, which will replace a lot of cosmetic supplies.  The WildGood team has designed an ecological alternative for your natural lifestyle with a lifetime warranty!


Loreta,  TEAM_WildGood



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