Mother’s Day diamonds


Every spring we have a special day to treat our Mums and say special thanks to them. Being a mum is the most natural thing still left in modern times. When a woman becomes a mum, it is one of the moments of being closest to nature and the most natural state of being during the lifetime. What are we exactly thankful for when speaking about mum (and dad)? The first and the biggest gratitude is the gift of being - I am here because my mum and dad met and they created me. No matter what happened later - they already gave me the greatest gift in the world. It is worth saying thanks for, at least and most, isn’t it?

      Let’s talk about mums in nature, to get some inspiration for motherhood and also for being a child. Treat yourself like a diamond, and then you are ready to take an extra mile for your children. This is the idea we can see in all wild animal species, and happy human mothers try to act the same. Here are some animal world motherhood ideas to catch for happier mother - child relationship:

  • Mother’s intuition is a deep blood bond every mother has with her children. Mother can feel what is best for her children and when they are in danger. This is the most important tool to keep safe. As a mother, you have that power - almighty superpower of intuition - to treat, the most important thing you have which works for the best interests of your children.
  • For the very first month’s, animals nurse babies very close to their bodies, usually hidden in the nests and caves. Animals create conditions close to pregnancy conditions to make young children feel longer like in the womb. Some call it the 4th trimester of pregnancy. It is also known that there are nations of people in the world who do not experience colics in babies, and it might be because of behaviour and traditions of leaving mother and child in peace. Inspired by wild mothers, people find the most natural way to create safe conditions for baby nursing. Carrying the child in slings, sometimes moms are free from usual duties for a while and receive special treatment all for mother and kid’s safety and well-being.
  • When baby animal is ready, the animal mothers begin teaching their kids: how and what to eat, where to sleep to be safe and what tricks can help protection oneself amongst natural enemies. All together they are the lessons on how to survive. Anything else is up to the young kid - how to express himself, what to do, what to achieve. Mother shows the kid how to behave by her example but allows him to make his own decision on how to behave himself.
  • All moms in the wild know that the kid is going to stay with her for a while, usually 1 to 7 years. Afterward, both kids and parents keep themselves busy on their own. In some species, kids visit their parents for a while. Even though elephants have the longest pregnancy of 22 months, it is interesting that elephant children stay with their mothers the longest period after birth – up to 16 years of life. In the human world, this would be another reason for putting yourself first as you are going to be on your own soon again. Your spouse would stay with you after children leave “the nest” so he becomes the second. And the kids - are they the third then?

       In the busyness of motherhood period of life, you might be pushed to make some choices over something all the time. Whenever the choice is to be made, the point is to make it very very very carefully. To take care of the diamond in you, to protect that beautiful and fragile being of yourself, your relationships and your kids. To draw that circle around family and let no strangers in. No strange things in. If you don’t like something (intuitively), then don’t take it. It is safe to rely on the fact that intuition is the answer. If there is a choice - it is yours.

Sincerely yours,

Loreta from team_WildGood






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