Why boar bristles?

So why are we so keen on boar bristles?

Because they are excellent hairbrush material that has been used for centuries.They have qualities that makes hair healthier just by brushing them.

There is a story how we got to this gem.

After a successful hunt people have meat to eat, but there is always fur left that nobody uses. We thought we could take the bristle and use it for beauty care so you can have naturally healthy hair. There are many boars in our Latvian forests and hunting for them is necessary for their population control and to keep agriculture going. We do not hunt for boar just to make brushes!

Boar bristle contains the same compound we have in our human hair - it is keratin. As you brush your hair the bristle helps to take the oils from the very root of your hair and helps effectively spread it throughout the hairs length and smooth it until the end. This way hair is cleaned, detangled and conditioned at the same time.

Watch your hair become naturally healthy and shiny as the boar bristles distribute substances from your scalp over your hair. Your hair stays protected and pampered every day.

- You will not damage your hair while brushing- the brush will not tear your hair, it will not split and fracture anymore.

- The natural bristles gently massage your scalp, increasing the blood flow, encouraging hair growth and creating thicker longer hair as well. 

- It will be easier to do your everyday hairstyle- your hair will obtain good elasticity and will be less frizzy.

- You will shampoo your hair less as the boar bristles pick up dirt and dust.

- Your hair will not electrify- boar bristles and wood do not generate static electricity.

Be sure to always brush your hair dry and start from ends and work up until you can smoothly go through all the hair without hitching. Brush your hair several minutesmassaging differrent directions on your scalp at least one , better 2 or 3 times a day for excellent results! 

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