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This is the best all natural design boar bristle brush for children, for medium and fine hair. Designed specially for a children`s hair or as a brush to have it always with you in your purse! 

Hair brushes for children are with softer bristle to be gentle to your little ones scalp at the same time massaging it for those new hair to grow healthy, strong and long.


  • The hairbrush handle is handmade from mahogany or ash tree.
  • Bristles are 100% natural boar bristle.


  • Length 15.7cm / 6.18 in
  • Width 3.2cm / 1.29 in
  • Height 3.3cm / 1.30 in


  • Please choose soft bristles if for the very young children with thin hair so it is mild for the scalp.
  • Please choose middle bristles if it is for children with longer hair or adult with middle thin hair. 
  • The brush comes with an all natural wild boar leather purse!


Care instructions:

  • To take the best care for your boar bristle hairbrush use lukewarm water and soap once a week. 
  • Comb out all the dust from your brush using a hair comb or using ourspecial comb for cleaning boar bristle brush.
  • Carefully wash it and dry it with towel.
  • Make sure you do not leave your brush in water or wet places for too long as it can damage the brush!

Here you can read more about all the benefits of boar bristle brushes for our hair. 

If you would like to add personalized engraving to the brush then please also add engraving to your order and send the wished text and chosen font number from picture to .