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      I invite you to be the best in your life and job.   It is not another pressure of a consumer society brainwash. It is an absolute drive of the world and it's developement, it is actually how human survival instinct works.   How you can be? There is only one way and it is very simple and clean. Just go out and find what you feel like you are born for. And then 10 000 hours of improvement of your talent will fly easy and fun. And then just do what you love, forever. Whatch how...

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  Come people! Into wolf pack Let's go wild! So easy and tasty.   The world is mine!! And yours.  Good news, isn’t it? Old news.Although it feels like we just found it out. Everything what is mine, is yours. Everything yours is mine. If I put my stuff in the rubbish bin, it becomes our problem, it is not just my stuff anymore.  If you make a better choice, it is my joy, even if I do not make any better choices at all. No, I will not convince you to buy something. This is where we are different and...

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True Sincere Living True as a genuine, real and so much of fun Sincere as noble, careful, wise Living so alive, twisted, emotional, fresh and funny

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